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What Would I Want? Sky.

Photographer, Eric Cahan recently showed an exhibition entitled Sky Series. He photographed various skies from locations around the world typically around sunrise or sunset, making colors and gradients the subject. They came out beautifully and quite trippy. Above is the video that went along with his exhibit.

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Terrain: Welcome to Space

Let’s take a journey and fall into the void…

Photos by me

Early 20th Century Photography

I have recently discovered a love of mine while stumbling on the net on early 20th century color photography. Something about seeing over a hundred years into the past in color makes the experience all more real. It’s as if the presence of vibrant blues in countryside skies and deep reds in a soldier’s uniform transport me to the moment of the photograph’s inception. I feel if the photos were to be enlarged and posted on a wall I could take one cautious but curious step into the past. This is all coming from someone with a heavy black & white film background, but with now a strong appreciation for early feats in photography.