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Creative and informative video about Prop19 and why you should vote yes, California.


A Break

What I ate last night when I broke the pact, so good. (Did not take this picture).

So a friend and I thought it would be interesting to see if we could make it a week sans weed this week. From my recent Twitter posts you’ll know that I failed. But, for a few days there it kind of felt good (except for the, what I can only describe as, massive withdrawal tension headaches). However, the prospect of being sober most days out of the week and feeling at times a lot more clear-headed has not enticed me any where near enough to scale back my intake. Being high just feels too damn good, and last night was no exception…whoops. Oh the sacrifices I must make!

Enter the Void


Enter the Void (even the poster is a trip)


Hey guys welcome to The Chronic Chronicles where you will soon realize all the crazy shit that happens when you’re under the influence of…Margie-Jane is my name and I recently saw the craziest mother f-ing movie that you will ever see this year. ENTER THE VOID is an acid roller-coaster that will make you feel like you’re still rolling long after its nearly 3 hour marathon is over.  For sure the best, or for some people, craziest and most ambitious visuals I’ve seen ever.  Anywho, currently in class and sober, lameee.  Look out for my first audio potcast coming very soon!

Watch the trailer for Enter the Void: