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Brain F00d

My 10th mix! It is solely comprised of artists on the Brainfeeder Label, including their latest and greatest. Show me some love and take a listen, let me know if you dig it (or don’t). The Brainfeeder Groupie strikes again. I seriously, damn, know no bounds when it comes to these guys (and girls).



I mentioned this a/v master in an earlier post, and I couldn’t get enough. By definition, a strange loop is basically when, whether you move up or down (or in any opposing directions) you end up exactly where you started the movement (See MC Escher’s work). Makes sense because every new vision created I see by this guy leaves me going back for more. Strangloop’s stuff is extremely trippy and awesome to fall into. Check out some of my favorites from his work and collabs below. Bow down people, Dr. Strangeloop is here.

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Fall In

I invite you to fall into these music videos and their music. This music videos are emotional, puzzling, thought-provoking, all that great shit. Some great talents are featured and I encourage you to look them up outside of TCC. This is my 109th post or so, and I thank you for reading any of them, including this one. Just trying to keep it (un)real. 🙂


This Teebs music video used 200 smoke bombs and fits the effortlessness of Moments perfectly.

This song is by Fall On Your Swords, made up of an LCD Soundsystem member, and chosen to score “Another Earth” (A fantastic movie I just saw and will be posting about soon). Is this how you would feel if you were captivated by Jupiter’s surface movements, its constant storms and fluid turmoil from afar?

An old Daedelus video with help from Strangeloop.

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