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Happy Halloweed!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Hope you all are keeping extra classy! I did not have time this year to carve a pumpkin like I did last year, but you can still enjoy my craftmanship from last year below. A new 8tracks mix for y’all as well, PTFO – clearly it’s for when you want to pass the f*ck out, not appropriate for times of rage (aka tonight). Enjoy and thank you so much reading, TCC just had its 1st Birthday!

PTFO – This mix will leave you floating in cosmic consciousness.


The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf is a great group and I’ve loved the music they create for several years, therefore qualifying them to have their own post. The video above features the song “The Outer Banks” put to time-lapse videos from Planet Earth, great combo. Hope you enjoy their ambient/electronica beats (while toking up of course)!