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Hey, it’s natural!

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Legalize It Already

Wasted Potential


Well, 4 out 4 stoners experience the same thing!

Terrain: Welcome to Space

Let’s take a journey and fall into the void…

Photos by me


A follower sent in this picture of a note he addressed to himself on a frozen pizza box:

It reads: “save for when high…very high. This fuckin pizzas gonna be so mother fuckin dericious. oops ruined the image but its cool the real thing will taste better.” hahah niice. Send me more funny shit!

omgomg rainbow acid cake

Enter the Void status

oh yes

Cake I made for a friend’s birthday, it was oh so good and nearly finished cause we were hitting those bowls real fast. Hahaha.

Homemade Dumplings!

Went on a wild goose chase to get all the ingredients, from Chinatown to Flatiron to Gramercy. Well worth it though. Although I do not have any asian blood in me, I seem to know a lot who do. Therefore, they made up for my lack in dumpling prowess; I did do a great job with the dishes however! Check it outt

we got it down pat

OM NOM NOM! We ate all the dericious results of our hard labor!

Should I Smoke Dope?

Great BBC investigation into Cannabis and its effects, etc by journalist Nicky Taylor. Doesn’t put Marijuana in a bad light when it comes down to it, and basically, this woman gets paid to get fucked up. And the whole thing is on YouTube!

“Heaven has a Target!!”

One of my favorite SNL skits, featuring Justin Timberlake and the always funny Kristen Wiig. Watch it every time I’m high basically.


Oh so informative!