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What Would I Want? Sky.

Photographer, Eric Cahan recently showed an exhibition entitled Sky Series. He photographed various skies from locations around the world typically around sunrise or sunset, making colors and gradients the subject. They came out beautifully and quite trippy. Above is the video that went along with his exhibit.

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Macro Shi

Terrain: Welcome to Space

Let’s take a journey and fall into the void…

Photos by me

MUTO by Blu

iPad Light Painting / Stop Motion

So cool, watch the whole thing.

Seeing Sounds

No, not the N.E.R.D album, this!!:

Know what this is?? Check it out after the cut!
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On a lighter note…


A pocket light

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Made with over 35,000 photos and a mixture of stop motion and live projections mapping techniques, i.e. trippy as fuckk

Long Ass Exposures!

Bristol, UK

Exposure time for this photo: 6 months!

The Re-building of the MoMa in NYC

Exposure time for THIS photo: 33+ months!
The light traces you see is the movement of the sun (mind-blown, I know)
Photos by Justin Quinell and Michael Wesely

Nature Photos

Awesome photos of animals!

Mutha fucking squirrel, lion, and deers!