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Move, Learn, Eat

3 ambitious linear concepts based on movement, learning and food turned into 3 beautiful and hopefully compelling short films by Ryan Mereki. I think they’re perfect. Made in association with STA travel Australia! Sometime when companies get it right, they really do.

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Legalize It Already

Wasted Potential

Environmental Awareness Ads

I love how they're using environmental awareness to try and get people to stop using drugs, or I guess using eco-friendly drug users to help stop the destruction of forests, either way, lols.

I wanna bite.


Awesome promo for BBC’s Knowledge channel. And check it out a great Ratatat video after the jump!
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Well, 4 out 4 stoners experience the same thing!

Shape Shifter

woahh crazy awesome animation and concept campaign for audi (?)

Zoo Campaign

Awesome campaign from the Zoo Aquarium in Madrid. Animals Teach Us How To Be People.

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Actually Kind of Crazy

Wtf crazy Xbox and hilarious.


Nokia ad for the N8, so great!


jk, check out this awesome Coke advertising ploy

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