A collection TCC lingo.

#THTF (Tee-Aych-Tee-Eff) – Too High To Function: Pretty self explanatory. Includes several variations in the T_TF format. For example, another popular function includes: TPTF – Too Peasant To Function, meaning you’re probably so stoned that your lying around, eating everything in sight, and in general, being a feudal burnout.

Upside Down – When you are so high that the world seems to be not right side up anymore. You become just a little peasant in an upside down world, in outerspace.

#raveroom – When your stoned and you have this crazy idea to break open glowsticks and splatter them all over your dorm and then turn the lights off and sit in on the floor and be amazed (See Outerspace).

Lunchbox – When you take way to long to pass the bowl, usually because your so high you’ve either, A) forgotten you even have the bowl, or B) tryna slow things down so you don’t embarrass yourself (not like there’s anything wrong with that).

More Coming Soon…


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