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Recently I saw many of the blockbuster hits (now that Blockbuster has gone out of business I find this expression both ironic and sad) of the early Summer. First, I saw Bridesmaids, starring my fav crazy girl, Kristen Wiig and SNL classic, Maya Rudolph. It was pretty funny, and kinda gross at some points. John Hamm’s character was almost unbearable, sucha a skeez. Overall I think my expectations were too high or I was just too familiar with Kristen Wiig’s comedy that I wasn’t surprised or dying of laughter. It also definitely could have been shorter as it dragged on for more than 2 hours. Literally right after seeing Bridesmaids I double dipped into Hangover: Part II. I didn’t mind so much the quite literal carbon copy from the first one (cept this time it was horse tranquilizer or muscle relaxants and Adderall) as much as the annoying top 40 music throughout it. This part was even more ridiculous than the first one, though I found the ending a little anti-climatic (Spoiler-alert: I mean really, I thought the kid was gonna be dead or something, or least more banged up than missing a finger). Loved Mr. Chow’s and his, unfortunate for the wolfpack, coke habit, hated the habit that that monkey picked up while filming this though. Finally, I saw Pirates 4, sorry I’m not gonna even bother looking up the subtitle or whatever because this movie was pretty shitty. It didn’t make any sense with the other 3 and I think they should’ve stopped after one. Even glorious Johnny Depp could not save this one. Penelope’s character was lame, lacked depth, the usual for supporting Disney movie characters. And that dumb-ass storyline between the mermaid and whathisface-Phillip seemed pointless…is the eminent fifth movie going to have them in it? Fuck this, I’m getting cheese fries aka smoking…


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