TRON : Legacy

I want a light cycle really bad.

So…saw Tron: Legacy last night at the midnight premiere in 3D IMAX. It was amazing. Visually. The plot fucking blowed and the acting was subpar but the visuals and the soundtrack (thanks to Daft Punk) totally made up for it. Daft Punk did not make one wrong move and even had a great cameo in the movie. Half the time I wanted to rage to the music at a rave somewhere and the other half of the time I was just awe-struck at the epic-ness of it all. The movie was a little confusing and cheesy, but through its cliched lines, there was actually some depth in there. Probably gonna have to see it again when it comes out on DVD (or should I say Blu-ray, jk fuck that). Also, I love that fact that a good amount of the theater was fucked up as well so it was really funny. And yes, the light cycle scenes were really fucking amazing. Go see it.


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