The Chungking Express

You know sometimes when you like something just because its old and brings up a good memory for you and makes you feel all happy and shit, but in reality whatever it is is not that impressive? (Sorry grammar OCDers that was ugly, I know it). Well, this is not one of these times. This movie, The Chungking Express is still a great movie over ten years later. I first watched it with my sibling and several times again over the years. Since then I have learned that it was considered by critics from the British Film Institute as one of the ten best films made in the last 25 years. It’s a Chinese movie (written and directed by Wong Kar-wai) based in Hong Kong, consisting of two separate, yet connected stories. One involving a police officer dealing with a break up and who then falls in love with a woman who is a drug ring coordinator, and other, also involving a police officer coping with a break up with his flight attendant girlfriend. The backdrop is bustling Hong Kong and its Chungking Mansions, a building that represents a melting pot of different East and South Asian cultures. The movie also shows a transitional period for both the characters and the setting itself. The now single policemen are trying to live without their lovers and Hong Kong is moving from British hands to Chinese ones. As the men long for what was, they soon realize that the only direction to move is hesitantly forward in the hopes that the future holds happier, promising times. One movie critic stated The Chungking Express is a “uniquely memorable look at the ties that bind all people, as presented through two deceptively simple stories.” Anyways, I don’t want to drone on for hours (like I’ve already have), so you should really just watch it, its on Veoh so head over there and watch and experience love, loss, and loneliness (in a good way).


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