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Nokia ad for the N8, so great!


4th Amendment Gear

“So the TSA has something to read while they’re groping you” or scanning your entire body. This is brilliant. Check out the rest, get your own here

Enjoy the Moment

The Moments
note: I would listen to some chill beats to this, like some Album Leaf, Telepopmusik, Explosions…

Smoke and Listen

Homemade Dumplings!

Went on a wild goose chase to get all the ingredients, from Chinatown to Flatiron to Gramercy. Well worth it though. Although I do not have any asian blood in me, I seem to know a lot who do. Therefore, they made up for my lack in dumpling prowess; I did do a great job with the dishes however! Check it outt

we got it down pat

OM NOM NOM! We ate all the dericious results of our hard labor!

Gorillaz cover The XX


Lykke Li

crazy pop artist, crazier video

Error: To Send or Not To Send

Ever wonder what happens when a program on your computer unexpectedly quits and an error message comes up asking you if you’d to notify the software/computer provider of the error? i.e. send error report or don’t send…

CommunityChannel is so funny, oh that Australian Viet


Jenny Slate did the voice for this. And all my friends say I’m Marcel…


jk, check out this awesome Coke advertising ploy

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