“The” Helix


One of my good friends has a Helix pipe and we all refer to it has “The” Helix because it is so god damn amazing. It is the best pipe I have ever smoked out of (good if you’re looking to get really fucking blazed) besides my Baby, who recently had a tragic fall and is no longer with us 😦 But anyways, this Helix thing spins the smoke in its chamber using three small holes that creates a vortex. This is supposed to cool the smoke and give you a smoother hit…REALLY I think it just gets you so high and allows you take hits you never thought you could take (didn’t really notice the cooling effect). I might even prefer the Helix to a vape because with a vape I never know how high I’m getting or am gonna get because I don’t really know how big of hits I’m taking. With the Helix you can see that a shit load a smoke is about to enter your lungs. I highly recommend any serious smoker to get one, even though it’s kind of on the pricey side, sometimes $100+. Visit the official site to see a video of the pipe in action: http://helixpipe.com/


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  1. ugh I don’t know what I’m doing lol

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