Nick-na nick nick nick Nickelodeon!

I always wanted to climb to the top of this first and hoist the glow stick-like trophy above my head.

What happened to all those great Nickelodeon shows? ‘Cause lord knows what people are watching these days. Can we just discuss for a minute how awesome some of these shows were? One of my favorites was for sure Nickelodeon’s GUTS! Basically a young, athletic kid’s dream, with obstacle courses of all kinds and every sport that you can imagine taken to the next level. My personal favorites were Mad Max and Basic Training, (yeah, I had to look the names up, shoot me). In one you would drive around in a sitting down tricycle type thing passing speed bumps and more to get the best lap time and the other was a crazy obstacle course including everything you can imagine. Then, of course you had the fabulous Mo, the English female referee (cause even kids, American kids take notice to the accent) who officiated all activities. Ah! This was such a creative show and even Emmy award winning! In the GLOBAL GUTS version, contestants from around the world came to compete against each other to win gold, silver, and bronze medals. And let’s not forget Legends! Good ol’ Legends of the Hidden Temple with Kirk Frog and that stone Maya thing (Silver Snakes FTW!). Anywho, getting way too excited/into this. I love the 90s. Byeee


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