Enter the Void


Enter the Void (even the poster is a trip)


Hey guys welcome to The Chronic Chronicles where you will soon realize all the crazy shit that happens when you’re under the influence of…Margie-Jane is my name and I recently saw the craziest mother f-ing movie that you will ever see this year. ENTER THE VOID is an acid roller-coaster that will make you feel like you’re still rolling long after its nearly 3 hour marathon is over.  For sure the best, or for some people, craziest and most ambitious visuals I’ve seen ever.  Anywho, currently in class and sober, lameee.  Look out for my first audio potcast coming very soon!

Watch the trailer for Enter the Void: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI89ovR36r0


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  1. Woah your blog is so cool! Can’t wait too read more awesome posts! P.S. You should change the background.

  2. resident non-resident

    “Anywho, currently in class and sober, lameee”

    It’s only wednesday and the same thoughts cross my mind.

  3. Saw it last night and searched for posts about it. From opening credits to last scene totally sensory. Loved it and hated it too.

    • Margie-Jane

      I know what you mean, I loved it for what it was, and hated it for making me feel frustrated and overstimulated by all the crazy sequences.

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