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Only YOU can prevent wildfires.


Food Consumption

Family food consumption (weekly) by country

Chad: $1.23

US: $341.98

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Happy Friday

Should I Smoke Dope?

Great BBC investigation into Cannabis and its effects, etc by journalist Nicky Taylor. Doesn’t put Marijuana in a bad light when it comes down to it, and basically, this woman gets paid to get fucked up. And the whole thing is on YouTube!

Artificial Paradise

Artificial Paradise

Woah, Must Read

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Long Ass Exposures!

Bristol, UK

Exposure time for this photo: 6 months!

The Re-building of the MoMa in NYC

Exposure time for THIS photo: 33+ months!
The light traces you see is the movement of the sun (mind-blown, I know)
Photos by Justin Quinell and Michael Wesely

“Heaven has a Target!!”

One of my favorite SNL skits, featuring Justin Timberlake and the always funny Kristen Wiig. Watch it every time I’m high basically.


Oh so informative!

Nature Photos

Awesome photos of animals!

Mutha fucking squirrel, lion, and deers!